The Photographer

My second half since 2015, he handles most of the photography and videography for the business. 

The Seamstress

Since the age of 6, I've been hand sewing and attempting to create costumes and other fun crafty projects. At age 14 I was taught how to use a sewing machine, and from there I was hooked. I spent most of my highschool working as an intern at several different theaters as the costumer. After graduating in 2014, and taking several art and art history classes in college, I decided to start my own business under the name Bat Cat Suits in 2015.

The Assistant

Ava is our in office assistant. Though she doesn't help with any of the sewing, she makes working in the office much more entertaining. We adopted her from a local shelter, and since then, we have started making donations to that same shelter. Every convention we sell at, we do a $5 fill-a-bag with scrap fur. With all sales of scrap fur, we match the sales and sponsor senior and disabled cats at the same shelter Ava was adopted from, giving those cats that are usually passed up in shelters more of a chance to find a forever home. 

Want to buy some coffee for the Bat Cat team or buy treats for our assistant? You can now make donations to our paypal!

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