When commissioning me for a fursuit, please have reference art ready. I WILL NOT make a suit based off of a description. 
Want a creative freedom suit? I'd love to design a unique suit for you!

WE DO NOT ACCEPT COMMISSIONS FROM ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18! Keep that in mind when sending in a quote. Do you live outside the United States? Please let us know in your email or message; international shipping has a $50 fee.

We do not work weekends. Sometimes we'll respond to emails on the weekends, but no promises.

Invoice terms and conditions (For Commissions)


The first payment (downpayment) goes towards material costs and is non-refundable if you choose to cancel your commission. All materials for your commission will be purchased within two days from when the downpayment is received.


Your commission will be shipped out within a few days of completion only after the final payment has been made. If the final payment hasn't been made before completion of the commission, the commission will be held until the final payment can be made. If the final payment is not made within Six months of the completion date, we reserve all rights to change the markings on the suit and sell it on an auction site.


Payments for your commission can vary depending on what you can pay at the time, but the first payment must be at least 30% of your given quote.


A two to three view perspective of your character is required upon the start of your commission, so please email it to batcatsuits@gmail.com as soon as possible.


If you come to the decision that you wish to sell your suit, you cannot sell it for more than what you originally paid for it. The exception to this is if you have additional artwork you plan on selling with the character, but that exception only applies up to the total value of the additional artwork you are selling with the character. If the auction goes above the price you originally paid for it, Bat Cat Suits is entitled to 80% of the additional profit.



Invoice terms and Conditions (For auctions)


“Auction” purchases can be paid in full or through payments. Payments must be completed within a month of the first payment only if the auction exceeds $500. Auctions must be paid off within two weeks if its under $500 and in a week if its under $300. If final payment isn’t made within a month, your payments will be re-funded (minus the charge paypal has taken out) and the item (or items) will go back up for auction.


You cannot sell your auction items for more than what you paid for them. If you attempt to sell your auction items for more than what was originally paid, Bat Cat suits is entitled to 80% of the additional profit.


Additional items can be made for your auction items via commission (by contacting batcatsuits@gmail.com). The auctions items will be held until the commissioned items are completed and shipped out at once if additional items are commissioned.

Your purchase will be shipped out within a few days after the final payment has been made.

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